Brooklyn Dreams


I know everyone has this photo and has traveled to Dumbo for this iconic shot, but after seeing it in a magazine, I really wanted to take one for my own. 🙂

Recently, I’ve been super into coffee. Blame my nursing life and caffeine as an addictive drug. What truly inspired me was when I was in Toby’s Estate on Fifth Avenue and walked into The Strand at Club Monaco.

There, on the shelves, I saw a magazine, Drift: Havana. I picked it up and devoured the content in a matter of hours. Coffee culture, travel, beautiful photography? What else do you need to interest me? Of course, in a matter of days, I tracked down the NYC and Tokyo editions. Yes, I know they were all sold out and out of print, but no challenge is too hard for me haha. After all, I’m a New Yorker. We hustle.

In the NYC edition, there was a beautiful picture of the Manhattan bridge in Dumbo. I really loved this photo because it was so iconic. In the middle, you can see the Empire State Building. It represented so much of NYC to me that when I finally made my way to Dumbo, my first thought was, “I need to get this photo”.

Of course, after standing in the middle of the street and almost getting run over by SUVs, I finally got this shot. All because of a coffee magazine. Goes to show how influential writing is.




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