Bruxelles Barbie


We should all aspire to be fashion icons in Brussels and PUPPY.

My first time in Brussels and I was already in awe at how stylish everyone was. Seriously, they just exude an air of coolness. I think about coolness sometimes, haha. I mean this is going to sound like a very shallow post…but disagree or agree, here you go:

  1. You can’t try to be cool, because if you try, then you are not cool.
  2. If you denounce coolness and say, “Fuck being cool, I’m just going to be myself!”, then you were never cool to begin with, and sorry to say, you are probably a loser.
  3. Coolness is innate and naturally, people will recognize if you are cool or not, and want to befriend you…but if you try to be friends with everybody…then you are not cool because of supply & demand. If you supply everyone with your in-demand friendship, it’s just too easy, you can be so easily attained, making you undesirably uncool.
  4. HOW CAN I BE COOL? *cries in my sleep*  But, because I am asking this question, I’m probably the most uncool.  LOL

Anyways, this is probably the most shallow post ever…ignore my insensitivity and insensibility.


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