Daikon & Roe


Momokawa NYC

Found this gem of salmon roe and daikon, super delicious!

If you didn’t know I love Japanese food, now you know. The night I ate at Momokawa, I met up with my long time friend, Roger. We’ve been friends since my junior year at college and I’m so glad I have him as an amazing friend because he will be the officiant at my upcoming wedding.

I think about friendships and there are some friends that stay with you no matter where you are in life. Sometimes, you might not see them in forever, but once you see them again, it is as if things are the same, and nothing has ever changed. I am so proud to say that I have a handful of friends like that and I truly appreciate them.

I have family too, but sometimes I think, maybe because I came from such a tumultuous family life, that friends are really my greatest escape. They support me in so many ways, that I don’t think they even know how important their roles are in my life.

Whenever I eat with my friends, I always think, “I am sharing a meal with them, inviting them into my world and my life, and thank you for spending your precious time with me.”


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