Fuoco in Firenze


Found outside the Duomo

I was traveling in Firenze with my friends, Melissa & Lulu, when we came upon this cute little car! Of course, being such photo happy people, we all took turns taking a picture with this little red car.

We were in a walking tour…and they were taking us all around Florence to the famous locations. But, because of this mini photoshoot, we lost sight of our tour group! We tried to find them, but Florence was so full of tiny roads and the Duomo was so crowded, we really could not find them.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as being totally lost, forced us to see the city in new sights. We wandered around and discovered great food, architecture, and even played our own little game: how many fake Davids can we really find? Which led to even better sights and views, and somehow we ended our night at the Ponte Vecchio…of course, for another photoshoot.

I miss our time there already.

Photo cred to Melissa Sabugal!


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