That time in Venezia…

that time in venice

Oh Venezia. The love & hate story.

I loved Venice, it is such a romantic place. I could go on and on about the things I love about Venice: the gondolas, the food, the little dog I met outside the Enoteca, the amazing friends I made there from all over the world (we still keep in touch by the way), our hostel, the tiny bridges that connect the entire city, and the vini rossi.

But, seriously, the mosquitoes at night, the pigeons that almost sent one of us into anaphylaxis, and the fact that there were no roads and you had to rely on the always crowded ferries. After 3 days in Venice, I think all the signs pointed us to get the fuck out.

However, I have beautiful memories of Venice. The sight at the top of the Campanile di San Marco was so wondrous, that when I first saw Venice at it’s full beauty, I actually gasped. When I first drank my espresso shot at an Italian counter and thought, “I could live here, I’m already a local!” Or when I met my new friends and we walked along the water and ate gelato to watch the sunset, caught dinner and drinks, and when the night was almost over, I felt so sad that I would have to leave them soon.

Goodbye Venezia.


Photo cred: Melissa Sabugal




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