The Art of Zen

rams gate

Ram’s Gate, Sonoma

When I first came here, I was blown away by the zen of this winery. It was a beautiful space that was tranquil and I felt really at ease here. They even gave us blankets when it got colder while we were sampling the wine outdoors.

All my worries and anxiety melted away and I felt like I could stay here forever. I think it’s so hard to let go of anxiety and it’s always been a problem for me. Anything would give me pause, even while riding the train, I would think, “well, this could be my day here on this train, if someone comes in with a gun”. It sounds so morbid, but this is what anxiety does, it makes you irrational and a little reflective of what our country has become with the gun culture, but I’m not going to get into that right now.

It is so important to find a space where you can relax, calm down, and just reset, especially with a glass of wine! Haha. I’m back in NYC now and I won’t get to visit Ram’s Gate again, but every now and then I think back about this zen garden and the wind, the open air, the blankets, and dream of easy days.



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