Je t’aime Paris

parisian streets

My last day in Paris.

Paris, the city of lights. I don’t have pictures of lights here, though I do have some in my cache, but I decided to post this picture of the quaint, little street. On my last day in Paris, I spent the day eating macaroons, wandering the city, and window shopping. Everyone always goes for the Eiffel Tower, the louvre, musee d’orsay, the tulleries, and more, but I wanted to spend the day knowing the true Paris.

I found it to be very charming, with many beautiful buildings and quiet streets that many people don’t think much of until you stand back and just look. There is true beauty in the urban Parisian landscape.

I noticed that a lot of French cafes and restaurants have their outdoor seating facing outwards towards the street, to encourage people watching. This is even more apparent in Champs-Élysées, the designer shopping area, where everyone is just fashion. I found myself sitting at the steps of a church and people watching as well, evaluating everyone’s choices munching away on macaroons from Pierre Hermes. I felt a sense of belonging as part of the amateur people-watching fashion critics of the Parisian streets. I wanted to stay in Paris forever.

Je T’aime Paris, Adieu.


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