Milano Memories


We were very pressed for time in Milano. By the time we got there, we only had 1.5 days to explore. I felt happy that I got to see all of Italy, but also sad that I only caught a brief glimpse of this city. So, we crammed everything into one day.

From what I saw, Milan was a very well-planned city, everything looked very new. We explored some lesser known roads that were interesting to walk down, especially some of the older parts of the city that still had cobble streets. Ate gelato (all day, everyday) and checked out cute guys at a café (ahem, people watched) in their well-made tailored suits in the financial district 😛

I stumbled upon this fountain right outside Milan fashion week show. Which, by they way, had models walking around in some stunning outfits, in the surrounding area. It was so pretty, that this picture doesn’t do it justice! We took a brief break before leaving Milan later that day.

Wished I knew Milan better, until next time!

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