Times in Thailand


Ko Phi Phi

When Luke & I went to Bangkok, Thailand, we knew it was going to be hot, but not THAT HOT. The sweltering heat combined with the humidity and the sun constantly beating down on you, took the fight out of me, I could barely walk two blocks before running into a building for shelter.

I think Luke lives at a higher temperature than I do, because he loves the sun. I sweat like crazy and I think my makeup melted off in a minute. I guess this is why I love Phuket so much more than Bangkok. Phuket is by the water and it was such a welcome reprise from the urban heat. There was cooler air and lighter breeze and in general, less busy and more relaxing.

We took a day trip to Ko Phi Phi and it was nice being out in the water and the calm coves. Luke jumped into the water right away, but because I can’t swim, I just watched him and made sure he didn’t float away. Ko Phi Phi is a truly gorgeous island and it was very crowded with tourists by the time we arrived. I think if we had taken the earliest boat out, it wouldn’t have been that crazy, but I still enjoyed our little getaway to the islands.

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