Lovely Lipari


If you haven’t noticed already – I really love Italy. I promise I’ll post about another country next time, but this time I found myself in Sicily.

After making our way to Palermo, then Cefalu, then a long boat ride out, we finally made our way to Lipari. It is such a gorgeous island, with beautiful stone architecture, seaside moods, and the light ocean breeze.

We took a light stroll around the city, before settling at the cafe you see in this picture for some ginger ale (that boat ride was pretty tough) and some pizza (yay!).

If you walk around Lipari, all the way up the main road, and all the way to the end, there is a secret view from the cliffside – you can see all of the ocean, the sun, and the boats. It’s really a gorgeous view and makes you feel so small in this world.


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