Anguilla Afternoons



A lot of people don’t know this, but a lot of my family members are from St. Maarten. My mom likes to hang around there and when I went to visit her, instead of showing me around St. Maarten…she took me to Anguilla for a day trip.

She had a much more interesting story than I did. My mom is such an independent woman and once we got to the island, she paid for a personal tour guide, and instructed him to take us places (of course she would) she knew about.

We went to Showman East Bay, where it’s a popular beach spot and ate some food. She then asked the tour guide to take us to some beautiful resorts. You don’t actually have to stay in any of these resorts. You can walk in and ask to get drinks at their beach bar and that’s what we did!

Then, my mom took us to this beautiful spot along the side of the road. You would just miss it, except she asked the tour guide to stop along the highway. We all got out and that’s when I saw this view. She wanted to show us this landscape, the beautiful calm, beach with almost no other sound than nature. There were no other cars on the road except for us, so we really got to take in these sights.

This picture has no filter. This is all Anguilla.


Haha, just to add, when my mom first went to Anguilla on her own, she asked her tour guide if he would be willing to take her to his family’s home for some home cooked dinner. The tour guide happily obliged and she raved about the welcoming people, the food, and the friendliness, and family values. She had a great time exploring on her own. She is such an inspiration and a brave woman.





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