I arrived in Tokyo with an open mind and an open heart. Tokyo has always been one of the places I have always wanted to visit. In the next few days, I will be posting about my love for this city.

Not many people know this about me, but my younger years were entrenched in the Otaku world. Chalk it up to a super Asian household, where my parents would rent “Asian cartoons” for me to watch, which I later found out was anime. Anime was my newfound love and I spent so many afternoons after school watching these “cartoons” that explored themes of human nature, honor, friendship, adventure, etc. Of course, add in my years of few friends and of course I found a world where I felt included.

I guiltily confess that my love for Tokyo stemmed from anime, because I feel like this is so unfair to this city that my first experiences with the culture was through watching anime. But, it did ignite a passion within me to explore everything about culture from fashion to history to food to art to the sights to fascination of the ingenuity of Japanese innovation and products, and more! There is so much subculture on top of this that covering this place would take years and years of not only living in Japan but study of Tokyo life. Sadly, I was only in this city for 6 days as I left to travel elsewhere within the country.

Tokyo was an amazing place. When we first arrived, we jetted to the New York Bar from Lost in Translation just because I had to do it (I know this is so cheesy). The next day, we explored Ginza. Ginza is very much like your modern city but surprisingly the roads are huge and the space is very open. What really drew me in were the side roads of Ginza, because then you see the old Japan.

Shibuya, Omotesando, Harajuku were also one of my favorite spots…but I think all of these places deserve their own recognition.

For now, I can only dream of going back, which I made a point of to go back in the future! I feel like I missed so much and would love to explore Tokyo again, but this time with different eyes.

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