Gen Yamamoto 

Roppongi Hills has a hidden treasure called Gen Yamamoto. A beautiful bar where the chef only takes bookings if you call his place directly. Mr. Yamamoto accepted our reservation the same day (lucky for us!) and we were able to enjoy his delicious tasting menu of 6 cocktails.

His cocktails were all fresh, made out of delicious fruits or interesting liquors. Everything was a flavor that I have never had before.

He was also very personable and chatted with us at the bar! He told us a tale of how  when he first came to New York he thought all the toppings came with the street cart Hot Dogs. Little did he know, his hot dog ended up costing $25.00.

We then shared the story of the New Yorker who walked into Masa and ordered multiple sushi tasting items, only to be stuck with a surprising bill of $1000.00!

It goes both ways wherever you are in the world!

We had a great time and I truly recommend this spot for future Tokyo travelers!

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