Newport Beach 

This is my second trip to the Los Angeles area. The first time I came, I did so many things so quickly, I barely had enough time to process my thoughts and come up with how I felt about the city. What I left with were thoughts about the superficiality, party culture, Hollywood, and close proximity to Vegas. Of course, at the time, I was only 21 years old.

Now, as I go back, I’ve ventured out and visited Newport Beach. Here, people live an easy, quiet life. It seems that everyone enjoys being outdoors and being with friends and family. The beach brings everyone together and people come out regularly for sun worship. The food is fresh and organic (though still expensive) and everything feels like a breeze. The moods are in high spirits and laughter permeates into your soul.

I can see why people love it here. I can also see that slight underlay of superficiality, that beach bod with summer hair, peaking through every so slightly. Or that materialistic lifestyle, that shiny swimsuit with that brand new bag and brand new lift, walking down the boardwalk. Of course, the homes are over $5 million a piece on the waterfront.

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