Afternoon in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has definitely become one of my favorite cities in Europe. The first time I went, I was amazed at the canals, architecture, and food. The second time I went, my eyes were opened again to something new: coffee culture, fashions, and day to day living. I haven’t been to many cities twice and I feel like I saw Amsterdam in a different point of view the second time. I’m so glad I went again.

Where else to go in Amsterdam to see people, shop, take in the street style, and drink coffee than to go to Nine Streets. It’s a “hip” area with lots of vintage stuff (L’ecote was my first stop LOL) and cool fashion. There was this new pop-up store I discovered, a brand called Things I Love Things I Like and I’ve become an avid follower of the brand since shopping there!

I also discovered this cute little gem, Pluk, in Nine Streets. It is really a cute place, with an open balcony floor upstairs so you can look down and take in the smells and sights. Enjoyed a delicious avocado sandwich and some hot black coffee to start my morning! Make a stop here if you plan to visit Amsterdam!

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