An Ode to Portland



I really should give my blog a little more attention. Sometimes, I get so caught up in the instagram faux-tography, that I forget that writing is my first love.

I just came back from Portland, Oregon and it is now truly one of my favorite places in America. If you ever get the chance to go, go! Don’t wait! When I went to Portland, I felt a sense of development, community, and shared responsibility from the people that lived there. Portland attracts a certain type of person and a creativity and ingenuity that I haven’t seen in forever, in all aspects of the city from the cuisine to the architectural design to the collective fashion sense.

One of the best things about Portland is the food. I did not have one bad meal. The food trucks are the darlings of city. The food that comes out of these trucks taste like they could’ve been made in the chicest restaurants. What I love the most about the food scene is the lack of pretense. A popular restaurant in New York would be impossible to get into unless you “know” someone. But, Portland? They are so accepting of everyone. If you show up in jeans and t-shirt to a “fancy” establishment, you would still get treated equally as everyone else. Plus, there are no straws in Portland. Yay for eco-friendliness!

The fashion was also cool – vintage stores and small boutiques abound. Everyone is so unique and carry themselves so carefree and judgment free. Why can’t every city be like this!?! Retro rules in Portland, though. I also liked the upcycling of clothing and not throwing it away. Used clothing can be so worthless, but Portland doesn’t think so – as a matter of fact, it is making it valuable and eco-friendly!

Finally, the design in Portland was so amazing. If you are into industrial + rustic combo, then this town is for you. Steel & distressed wood & repurposed furniture is my heaven and that is all I live to watch for on HGTV haha.

Honorable mention: Portland has amazing waterfalls, hiking trails, and scenic viewpoints that are breathtaking. A lot of these trails are at the State Park and easily accessible for all.

I would totally come back to Portland. As a matter of fact, it imbued me with a renewed passion for travel. This is why I go places, to be awed and surprised and delighted by these small and intimate finds and slow reveals of the city.



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