How I Fund My World Travels


I wrote in my New Year’s Resolution book that I will travel more this year. I will have traveled to 15 cities by the end of this year. How do I travel so much? Most of the tips that I will be writing about is applicable to most people. Again, this is from my own experience and while some parts may apply to you, other parts may not

  • Freelance. This will probably be the easiest. It helps if you already have a network that is familiar with you and your skills. I helped out at my old non-profit after work and on the weekends before. It was fulfilling and fun to hang out with old coworkers again.
Dogsitting can be fun! 😀
  • Dogsitting. You have a free weekend? Time to dogsit! You set your own prices and you can watch dogs during the weekend. It is important that you make sure you are caring, patient, & careful. Yes, you can make more passive income dogsitting, but they are still a life and someone’s family member.
  • Taking online surveys. I joined “20|20 research” or “Usertesting” and signed up for a bunch of online focus groups / online studies. A lot of them are fun and quick activities. I reviewed a website or went on an online forum and answered questions about my thoughts on new frozen food products. Some are more extensive, such as doing a 2-day online forum participation about dogs!
My Quilt Profile
  • Support your community. One thing I like doing is to have meaningful conversation. I joined Quilt recently and attended some of their chats along with other women in NYC. The chats were fun, thought-provoking, and judgment free! I enjoyed having a forum to discuss topics like power and creativity. I became a host myself and have been hosting chats after work since September this year. By becoming a host, you can continue to support the Quilt community! If you want to learn more about becoming a host, visit Host with Quilt.
  • Canceled Cable. Once I realized I could save over $1000.00 if I stopped subscribing to cable, I just canceled it. Best decision ever! I realize I don’t even watch that much TV and when I do, there is so much programming available on Netflix or other streaming services.
My Poshmark Profile
  • Sell Everything. Seriously, Marie Kondo your home. Is there anything you don’t wear anymore? Sell it. Is that extra chair just taking up space? Sell it. Not only is it cleansing, you can minimalize your home, and also make some money. My preferred platforms are Ebay, Poshmark, & my building’s forum.
  • Stopped buying fast fashion. Honestly, I used to spend a lot buying apparel to keep up with the trends. I realized that if I just bought classic and quality pieces, they would last longer and somehow make it through the trends.
Wearing a uniform makes things so much easier!
  • Start wearing a uniform. If you wear a uniform, you will automatically stop buying fast fashion! My go to outfits (that work with EVERYTHING) are:
    • White T-shirt / White Button Down Shirt
    • Black Jeans / Black Pants
    • Jean Jacket / Plaid Blazer / Black Blazer / Black Leather Jacket / Green Bomber
    • Black Flats / Black Loafers / Black Boots / Nude Pumps
    • Black LBDs
    • Trench Coat
    • Camel Jacket
    • Black Leather Bag / Red Backpack
    • Floral Dresses
  • Invest in your education. Does getting an extra certification get you more money? If you got a Master’s Degree, would your salary significantly improve? If this is something that applies to you, consider making an investment towards your future, especially if your company has tuition reimbursement programs.
  • Some other things I have considered:
    • Babysitting – It’s not just for high school or college kids anymore. I know people that have continued to do this on random weeknights and make $100-$150 each time.
    • Taskrabbit – Help people buy groceries, do chores, tasks, etc.
    • Fiverr – Have some travel polaroids that you think people may be interested in buying? How about selling a stack of random photos or random travel knick knacks to random people for $5? Believe it or not, some people on Fiverr do just this!
    • Sell Your Photos – Yes, those thousands of travel photos you stored in your iCloud may actually be worth something. The Penny Hoarder has a great article on this.
    • Personal Shopping – Do you go to Europe or Asia often? Do friends often ask you to get designer things from Paris because it’s cheaper? Sometimes, things in their respective countries can be a lot cheaper. If you just happen to be in that part of the world, why not help them buy it? You can take a percentage cut for your services in finding, buying, and transporting the item back for them.
    • Showaround – Know your neighborhood really well? You can make money by showing tourists around for $20/hr on Showaround.
    • Eatwith – Are you an excellent home cook? Do you want to show off the cuisine of your culture? Or maybe make your grandma’s recipes? You can do this for tourists who want an authentic dining experience in your home on Eatwith.

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